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Be aware of
your water.

A smart water meter for tracking your
water usage and quality. Know your water:
how much you're using, how much you're
spending, and its quality score.

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  • Always know if your water
    is safe to drink
  • Increases awareness of
    consumption for a
    greener planet
  • The simple temperature color
    protects children from
    water burns
  • Lower your water bill through
    monitoring and
    adjusting your home's
    water usage
  • Statistics on water usage in
    your area provide comparative
  • Helpful tips on how to save
    water and who to
    regarding water quality

Real-time data about
your water

  • Temperature

    Exact temperature in
    Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Heat Indicator

    Keep your children safe with
    a simple indicator
    water temperature
  • Water Quality

    Up to date quality score on
    the water you drink
  • Time

    Measures the time your
    water is running
  • Water Usage

    Real-time measurement of exactly
    how much water you're using

App features

  • Water Usage Statistics

    Keep track of the changes you make
    in water consumption
  • Water Quality

    Real-time information enables you to take
    control of the water you consume
  • Around You

    Increase awareness of water usage by knowing
    the consumption of your neighborhood, city etc.
  • Tips

    Learn water conservation best practices

Beautiful design

  • Easy to Install

    Ready in seconds. Simply attach it to the end
    of your
    tap or to your shower head.
    No tools required.
  • Doesn't Rust

    Housed in non-slip rubber,
    Brightap doesn't rust and lasts years.
  • Compact

    Being only 1" cubed in size, Brightap is the
    most elegant water monitor out there.
  • Self-Powered

    Brightap is powered by the water that passes
    through it.
    You'll never need to charge or
    replace any batteries.